Established since 1986, we take pride in being in the business of providing foreign domestic workers (FDW) to Singapore families for the past 30 years. Many of our clients put their trust in us and have continued using our services for many years.

We aim to achieve the “best fit” for the family’s requirements, and also ensure that we are fair to both our clients (employers) and the FDWs who have traveled far to seek better future for themselves and their families.

All our domestic helpers are given good orientation to help equip them well for the demands of their job in Singapore. We assure you of our best service, in the same manner that so many of our clients and maids have experienced in the past 30 years!


Our excellent track record with M.O.M. will give you assurance that we take our job seriously and do our work right.



 cambodia maid agencyPILOT PROJECT – CAMBODIAN FDW

In the year 2013, we were recognised by Cambodia Ministry of Labour (MOLvt) and M.O.M. to embark on a pilot project to bring in domestic workers from Cambodia. Only 6 employment agencies in Singapore were given this privilege, to act as a Cambodian maid agency, and we are honoured to be one of the trusted agencies chosen to do so.



In the year 2016, we were again blessed with the opportunity to be one of the only 10 agencies in Singapore to start-off the Advance Placement Scheme. Ministry of Manpower has allowed this initiative with the purpose of shortening the time needed to place a FDW with a family with immediate needs, such as elderly care or care for young children. Find out more here.


As a member of AEAS (Association of Employment Agencies Singapore), we are kept updated with the industry standards, comply with the Code of Ethics of the Association, and maintain a high level of competence, which complies with the rules and regulations of M.O.M., Embassies, and related government bodies.


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Skills & Resources Consultancy were awarded the Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour, which is awarded to the top 100 companies in Singapore whom they deem are trustworthy, reliable and outstanding. We have received this award largely due to our clients who have given their helpers an opportunity to work in Singapore and being treated as part of their family.




We are most happy to share that many of the FDWs brought in through our agency had worked for their employers for more than a decade. Many of them had been able to put their children through school and even universities. The FDWs have also built beautiful homes for their families to live in. Some have also set up businesses in their hometown. This would not have been possible if our clients had not given them the opportunity to work with them. Many of our clients have bonded so well with our helpers and have made them feel appreciated in their home. For this we are most thankful to our clients.