4c48e84ff7287204f4ee26f169e4901fScreening / Supply of Foreign Domestic helpers

Applicants who want to work in Singapore as domestic workers are carefully screened through personal interviews conducted by our trusted counterparts in their home countries. We also take effort to continue the screening processes via telecommunication or by conducting personal interviews in the source country.

hiring-iconDirect Hire Application

Already know an applicant who will be a good fit for your family? Let us do the work and put your mind at ease knowing we will do the proper documentation and procedures for you!

22270-200Renewal of Work Permit or Passport & Home Leave Documentation

To relieve you of the hassle to renew your helper’s work permit or passport, and complying with the regulations of the source country when your helper needs to go home for holiday, you can choose to leave the documentation work to us. We will give the best advice and service, so that you can have total peace of mind knowing that all will be done well at a very reasonable fee.

airplane-flight-ticket_318-64636Air Ticket Arrangements / Cancellation of work permit

Whether your maid is going for holiday or going home for good, we provide you with the service of air ticket arrangement, maid levy waiver, as well as cancellation of her work permit. We make sure all is done right and are in order for a smooth transition.

insurance-icon-4Insurance and security bond

When you hire a maid from a top maid agency in Singapore like us, or renew your maid’s work permit through us, we will do the insurance and security bond application for you too. The insurance company we use is reliable and we assure you of good service.

personal-icon1Consultation and Counselling during the contract term

Problems adapting into a new environment is not uncommon, and some helpers adjust quicker than others. During this time of working with the family, misunderstandings may occur. Speak with us! We seek to protect both the interests of our clients, as well as the well-being of our applicants. We want to be here for you and we want a harmonious home for you and your family.

icon-training-white-boxOverseas and Local Training

Our applicants are trained by our overseas counterpart, and a short training and orientation will be conducted before you take custody of your selected applicant.

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